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HERE AND NOW - with violinist LUZ PRADO


HEAR AND NOW is a laboratory for investigation, exploration—at times, an explosion, at others, barely an evanescent insinuation. More than heard sound, it is hearing that becomes a murmur, thunder or silence.
WARNED? AH,,,NO! is permanent awareness of what is, of what could be, and most of all, of what is born, not of individual will, but emerges unbidden between two improvising musicians, an unforeseen synergy, newly discovered.
NEAR? AND HOW! two dialoguing beings drawing ever closer, two sonic creators in a proximity that interweaves the centuries old sound of bowed strings with the grit of electrons barely domesticated by our still primitive technology. A flash on the screen, a moving bow, the pulse of two flowing pulses modulated, filtered, sometimes put off but never denied.
Luz Prado and Wade Matthews make up HEAR AND NOW, or maybe we should say they are making it up, and nothing is finished, because HERE AND NOW is not a product, but a process, and most of all, a process in process, a protean flow that crosses the moment with its listening and, sometimes, its sound. And this, the flow itself, is what we share with the audience. It's not simply a present, and it's not easy, either. Sharing glimpses never is.

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